In my late 20s in graduate school I could barely jog a block without having to stop. That was when I knew I needed to do something healthy. I started trying to jog in fits and starts, with long stretches of time with no jogging at all. Only after tenure and almost 50 lbs. of excess weight did I decide to get more serious. I soon found that I really enjoyed it. After a couple of years of more consistent jogging I decided to train for a marathon. I caught the bug and decided to take it up a notch. I soon discovered that I could run pretty fast. After four years of consistent racing (2012-2016) I retired and am back to jogging intermittently. As you can see from my research pages, I have quite a backlog of research I need to get out. But I’m as proud of my racing accomplishments (perhaps even more so) than my research accomplishments. I finished 6 out of my 18 official marathons between 2010 and 2016 in under 3 hours (and another 2 in under 3:01:00). One of my proudest moments was beating Bob Kennedy at the 2014 NYC Marathon by almost 27 minutes (proof is here). (In fairness, though, he didn’t train seriously.) Another proud moment was winning the master’s division of the 2016 Towpath Marathon.

You can find my racing profile and log of runs here:

A summary of my PBs is here:

  • 1600m (metric mile): 5:27 (2016, age 47)
  • 5K: 17:59 (2013, age 44)
  • 10K: 38:22 (2016, age 47); unofficial 10K time-trial 37:30 (2016, age 47)
  • 15K: 58:42 (2015, age 46)
  • half-marathon: 1:22:52 (2014, age 45)
  • marathon: 2:55:37 (2016, age 47)